About Shamrock Partners

At Shamrock we realize that attracting (additional) capital in your company leads to involving a new partner in your company affairs. We have a proven record to becoming a longer term supporter for various businesses in different markets whether it be in a buy and built, focus, turnaround or acceleration situation. 

However quality goes beyond speed. Shamrock is an active shareholder and could assume a hands-on responsibility in the execution as well as the operations of an investment.

Shamrock is interested in creating added value to companies by active involvement of its two partners/owners in developing companies if so required by its management. Our personal approach, high motivation and short decision making process caters to support entrepreneurs, like ourselves, to grow their companies. 

If needed Shamrock also can take a more operational role in cooperation with management or can actively involve our network.

Our most recent investment is in the Blue Sparrows MedTech Fund in which we are teaming up with 7 young entrepreneurs. They started their companies in the MedTech environment years ago. Blue Sparrows MedTech Fund is a unique fund combining 2 experienced fund managers and 7 young entrepreneurs in medical technology. This recent experience is very relevant for today’s world of start-ups.